Direct Deposit or Pay Card

You will get paid by Direct Deposit to your own bank account or with a Pay Card (acts like a Debit Card). Paper checks and stubs are not an option.

Set up Direct Deposit to your own bank account
(you will need a canceled check):

  1. Print and fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization form on your date of hire.
  2. Staple your canceled check to the bottom of the DDA form.
  3. Mail or deliver the form (with canceled check) to:

    Easy Living, Inc.
    110 N. Rangeline Rd. Suite 202
    Joplin, MO 64801

Global Cash Card

Global Cash Cards are an instant Issue paycard. To sign up please see an office manager or the payroll department at the corporate office. If you have any questions regarding your card you can call 1-888-220-4477 or visit them online at If you would like to activate your card online you can do so at Activate Global Cash Card.