Our mission is to help individuals live happy and healthy lives, with a wide variety of compassionate, supportive services. Easy Living is dedicated to promoting independence and community involvement in every possible way. We place a strong emphasis on quality of care in every area of service provision, every day, for every individual.

Services at Easy Living, Inc.

Individualized Supported Living

Individualized Supported Living (ISL) is a form of residential habilitation that allows individuals to live safely in their own home with up to twenty-four-hour staff support. We assist individuals to maintain daily tasks such as meal planning, cooking, shopping, bathing, hygiene, and the upkeep of their home, and we accompany individuals to community activities.

Individual Skills Development

Individual Skills Development (ISD) focuses on teaching and improving the skills needed to maintain the individual’s home and personal business independently. This includes teaching, cleaning, cooking skills, budgeting, setting up and attending appointments, paying bills, and other tasks necessary to successfully live independently.

Community Integration

Community Integration (CI) provides assistance and mentorship to teach new social skills. CI focuses on communication, social prompts, making plans, and attending social events. CI is intended to help individuals participate in social interactions, friendships, and social gatherings in the community.

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistants (PA) provide personal support to maintain individual life skills. PAs provide general guidance and care for the safety and wellbeing of the individual at their home and in the community. We assist individuals with dressing, bathing, personal hygiene, and daily living activities.

Group Home Living

Group Home Living is a form of residential habilitation that allows 4-8 people to live in the same home. The purpose is to promote individuality and independence in the home as well as the community.

Respite Care

Sometimes caregivers just need a break. Whether they need time to rest, to run errands, or anything else, respite care provides temporary relief to do what they need to do.

Why Choose Easy Living?

Passion is what sets Easy Living apart. Many members of our team have firsthand experience with family members and friends who live with developmental disabilities. We will always be involved in helping the people we serve live their best life, their way.

We want guardians, family and friends to have the assurance that their loved one is being cared for in every way possible. We encourage family involvement and maintain an open-door policy, so clear communication is always easy.

Choose Easy Living for Your Loved One​

Easy Living offers services in Southwest Missouri in the following and limited surrounding areas:  Springfield, Bolivar, Joplin, and El Dorado.

Choose more than a home for your loved one — choose a community where they can live their best possible life. Choose Easy Living. Contact our friendly staff today for more information. We look forward to meeting you!



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