Digital Delight: How Obie’s Interactive Projector Transformed Our Activity Room

interactive projector with several people playing

Expect to hear a lot of “Wow”s and “Whoa”s coming from the activity room when you visit our Bolivar location.

That’s because on December 27th, it joined our Joplin and Springfield locations to include an Obie: the award-winning, interactive gaming and learning projector that’s a constant source of joy for the individuals we care for.

“I was given the chance to purchase something special,” says Nicole Altic, Activities Coordinator. “I wanted to push the envelope and I’m glad I did.”

Something for Everyone

Nicole fills the activity calendar with all kinds of events, from dances to luaus and even fishing trips (when the weather cooperates).

“My job is to make sure the individuals are living their best life possible,” she says. “And I absolutely love my job.”

But at the same time, she understands her responsibilities extend beyond fun and games. In fact, she plays an important role in promoting community integration for the individuals.

“One-third are wheelchair bound. Some are non-verbal. And others get over-stimulated when they’re in public.”

Some might see this as an almost impossible challenge. Fortunately for us, Nicole saw this as an opportunity to make a big difference.

As the leading force behind installing an Obie in our Joplin and Springfield locations, she jumped on the opportunity to bring the same experience to Bolivar.

“I was focused on providing something that was 100% inclusive,” she explains.

And that inclusivity even extends to our staff, who frequently play alongside in some full-fledged fun.

people playing game with interactive projector
people playing soccer game with interactive projector

Games and Learning Galore

While the Obie only took a few hours to install, it has already provided hundreds of hours of enjoyment.
Participants particularly enjoy using it to:

• Put puzzles together
• Solve math problems
• Smash digital eggs
• Play with leaves or snow

“This is already our most popular activity, even more than the (Nintendo) Switch, Playstation and Oculus,” says Nicole.

Most gaming systems require holding controllers, which can prove difficult for those with certain mobility challenges. The Obie removes those obstacles, thanks to its digital projector format. Users simply tap images projected on the floor or wall.

That means anyone can play, anytime, at virtually all of our locations.

“I think this shows how much we care,” says Nicole.

See the care (and smiles) Obie is spreading by visiting our Facebook page.